What is it?

This is a video booth that records the messages thatyour guests want to leave in your event with complete privacy. This modern cabin allows theguests to leave a 30 seconds message with justpushing of a button. Guests take turns to access the cabin and express their views, questions, queries …or simply leave a funny and moving message foramfitriones.
FotoTalk offers the possibility to let up to 6 people at a time, to ensure that the messages are even morefun. It’s the ultimate way to obtain information and opinions from the audience.
In a short period of time after the end of the event you will receive a copy on DVD with all edited messages.
The cabin can be customized inside with thecompany logo or message.

The cabin and the pictures can be customized withthe company logo or message.

Where is the videobooth installed?

We transport and assemble the cabin in a few hours before the event starts. The cabin is preferably positioned in a secluded spot.

How does the videobooth work?

To record the message just press on the touch screenand you have 30 seconds to leave the best messageyou are able to improvise. The number of messagesthat can be recorded is unlimited, it just depends onthe mood to talk of your guests. The cabin is assistedby the FotoTalk staff that will encourage guests to enter and leave a message.
It will certainly be the most original and funmemories that your guests can leave you.

Videobooth Samples